Real Estate Sales for Seniors

Why choose a professional who specializes in "seniors" real estate?

The investment in property is by far the most valuable asset you have and it is largely this asset that will allow you to enter this new phase of your life with relative financial ease. It is important to remember that the needs of senior home sellers and their adult children, who often assist or handle these affairs, are different from those of younger home sellers. For those selling their long term homes, there are emotional and logistical issues on top of the legal and financial ones. It is important to work with someone that understands the different facets of this process and is able to educate you and your family so that you can make informed decisions and choices. Key points to consider when working with a professional:

  • Will they educate you on the difference between renting vs. selling and how this choice will impact you personally and financially?
  • Will they assist you in selling?
  • Will they accompany you and represent you in the search for a community that fits both your needs and wants?
  • Will the professional you choose be willing to allow you the time and space to find your new home before putting your home on the market for sale? NEVER SELL YOUR HOME UNTIL YOU HAVE MADE YOUR OWN FUTURE LIVING ARRANGEMENTS.
  • Do they offer services to assist you with downsizing, moving, packing, unpacking and setting up your new residence?
  • Will they assist in preparing your home for sale?
  • Are they trained and/or do they have experience dealing with the special needs required by your situation?
  • Are they a top ranked team with experience and will they utilize the necessary resources to get your home sold?

At Tailored Transitions we ONLY work with seniors and their families – by working with the Tailored Transitions team you are assured that you will have senior relocation professionals assisting you from beginning to end that understand the special needs of older adults and their families. We are professionals that aid you in the process of determining whether or not independent senior housing or senior citizen assisted living is the best for your individual needs.