Why Won't My Parents Move?

Why Won't My Parents Move?

What keeps your parents from moving to a Senior Living Community?  Are you an adult child wondering why your parents won't move to someplace so perfectly suited to their physical, emotional, and social well-being? 

I've spent a lot of time researching what keeps a senior from moving to a Senior Living Community.  I’ve gone through mountains of surveys, had conversations with both current and past clients, and reached out to chat with many of my senior living industry partners.  The answer to that question has been consistent throughout all of my research…

A senior’s biggest stumbling block, and YOUR largest source of frustration, is the home they have lived in for 20, 30, 40, or even 50 years!!!  Furthermore, it’s not the memories in that home, it’s not the loss of that home, and it’s not the years they’ve been there…so you might be asking yourself, “What is the problem then?”

The problem is the minute they leave the beautiful Senior Living Community you just toured, and walk through the front door of THEIR home, the thought of moving instantly comes to a hault.  They have no idea how they will:

  1. Find a Realtor they can trust to help them understand the real estate market, how much their home is worth, and then get it sold...a Senior Real Estate Specialist that has THEIR best interest at heart.
  2. Find the energy or assistance to go through every single cabinet, drawer, closet, bedroom, etc. in order to begin the sorting process...the last thing they want to do is burden their children with this time consuming task.
  3. Pack everything they want to take with them.
  4. Coordinate estate sales, consignment/auction pick-up, charitable donations, and hauling.
  5. Find a reliable mover that is trustworthy.
  6. Unpack everything once it gets to their new home.

Unfortunately, as the child your parent relies upon it becomes your job to create a solution to the above issues.  So how do you do that when you have a family of your own and/or live far away?

The Tailored Transitions team was created to solve the exact problems just listed.  We pride ourselves on creating partnerships with families just like yours that will allow you to do what you do best, love and care for your parents, as we eliminate your biggest frustration. 

By connecting with Tailored Transitions you will find SOLUTIONS that will enable your parents to make a decision and to feel at peace with actually moving forward...one of the most common comments we hear from the families we serve is, "This is to good to be true and I can't imagine doing it without a company like yours!"

For more information on the solutions we offer our families please visit:  www.tailoredtransitionsre.com or set an appointment with Mani Mortezai by calling 408-442-6022 or emailing him at mani@tailoredtransitionsre.com.    

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