Too Good To Be True?

Too Good To Be True?

There is nothing I enjoy more than walking out of an appointment with another new family to help!!! Today we added John and Evelyn to the Tailored Transitions family. They will be moving from their current home to a smaller home as they head into retirement.

John and Evelyn were both concerned about the enormous amount of downsizing they would need to do in order to make this move possible and make their home "market ready". In addition to moving into a fully furnished home (they don't need to take anything from their current home) they have also never sold a home before. The process was nothing short of an overwhelmingly huge and confusing task to undertake on their own.

As I went through the house I couldn't believe what a beautiful home they had...their location is amazing, the layout of their home is open and spacious, and the landscaping is peaceful and tranquil. They aren't going to have any problem selling their home but they wanted advice on what they should and shouldn't do before going on the market. We talked in-depth about the current market, the best strategy and the things they could do to help it sell quicker and for more money. I think they felt much a huge amount of relief just in being brought up to speed on todays real estate market!

In addition, we discussed what we would do to eliminate the burden of what to do with 2900 square feet of furnishings they no longer need...we talked about estate sales, consignment, auction, charity and hauling services. They were surprised to find out that not only did they no longer have to deal with any of it but they also don't have to pay a dime to have it done since they are selling their home with us. It was a relief to both of them!!

This is just a snapshot of what we will be doing for this is an in-depth process that we take on and it is different for every family. If you are thinking about making a move it would be worth calling on Tailored Transitions to see what we can do for you...I have yet to walk out of an appointment without a family feeling an enormous amount of relief and wondering if it isn't all "to good to be true"'s not, it's what we do!!!!


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