Reasons People Refer to Tailored Transitions

Reasons People Refer to Tailored Transitions

Today we received calls from three new families that were referred to us by either friends or someone that they are currently working with to make a transition.

The first gal was referred by a friend we worked with in the past and she is planning to downsize from her long time home to a smaller, more manageable home. Prior to her husbands passing a few years back they had taken out a reverse mortgage and it really bothers her that every time she gets the monthly statement the amount owed has risen. She worries that one day the bank is going to have all of her money and she is going to be left with nothing. At the same time, the idea of selling her home and making this transition without knowing exactly where she is going next is unsettling at best. Later this week we will be discussing several different options to best accomplish her goals and I'm sure that one of those options will feel comfortable to her!

The second call came from the daughter of a woman that is moving to a Senior Living Community. This family was fortunate that they found a Senior Living Advisor that didn't just help them find an apartment but more importantly helped them figure out how they were going to make it happen...because of that they made a decision and are now moving to her community. For this family it was a relief to know that there was someone that could help, for the community they are able to welcome a new resident because they have solved the problem. Everybody won because this particular gal had the foresight to jump in and help the family get through the obstacles that loomed before them.

The third call came as a result of another Senior Living Advisor that referred Tailored Transitions to a family in need of some light hauling services. We referred this family to our spectacular hauling crew because we saw no need to arrange the service for a fee when the children were quite capable of doing the same themselves. Sometimes people truly need our services, other times they simply need some guidance for where to find the appropriate service. It is our belief that you never get off the phone without giving guidance and direction when the client isn't the perfect fit for what we do. Our partners trust us and our response is a reflection on them so we do everything possible to make sure the family is taken care of before getting off the phone.

Today was a good day and I'm looking forward to meeting so many wonderful families this week!!!


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