Preparing for an Estate Sale

Preparing for an Estate Sale

Today the Tailored Transitions Move Management team is in the Bay Area getting one of our family's home ready for an Estate Sale. What does it take to get a home ready for an estate sale? Here are just a few of the things they do:

1. Take every single item out of cupboards, closets, drawers, the attic, garage, and empty all remaining furniture. EVERYTHING must be out and visible.

2. Wash and/or polish every single item so that they sparkle. In order to demand the highest price everything must look as close to new as possible.

3. Set up tables, linens, props, and staging items that best display our clients belongings. Each room should be designated for a particular type of item. For example, all kitchen items should be in the kitchen, all linens should be in a specific room, furniture should be placed in the room it belongs in, etc. It must be easy for people to view the items for sale so that nothing is missed as they go through.

4. Document every single item being offered for sale on a spreadsheet so that what was sold can easily be seen and understood by our families.

5. Research all items being sold so the best price can be set. In order for our clients to see the best return on their belongings everything needs to be offered at a specific price. That price remains at it's highest the first day of the sale and gradually goes down over the following days.

6. Clean, clean, clean...we want people to walk in and feel comfortable staying for awhile. The longer they are in the house the more likely they are to buy items they find!

Our team works hard to make sure our families make as much money as possible...their future depends on us performing expertly!


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