Moving After the Death of a Spouse is Hard

Moving After the Death of a Spouse is Hard

Recently we received a referral from a community for a couple that had just started exploring Senior Living options.  They had no children or family in the area and no one else that could help them facilitate a move into a Senior Community.  

After reaching out to this couple we set up a free consultation to discuss how we could help them make such a huge and overwhelming move.  As I walked into the home it became abundantly clear that they couldn’t make this move on their own, but more importantly, they needed to make this move immediately as the wife was not doing well. 

When meeting with them I took a very soft approach.  I focused on reassurance and support while at the same time offering guidance and giving a gentle nudge in the direction of a Senior Living Community.  It was my goal to create an environment that nurtured the idea of a move because I knew there was a compelling reason for touring communities and I wanted to move that process along rather than hinder it.

As we began working with them the wife unfortunately took a fall that landed her in the hospital and then a skilled nursing facility.  Rather than put everything on hold, we promised her that her new home would be set-up and ready for her to move in upon her release.  Under any other circumstances this misfortune could have made the move impossible but instead we kept it moving forward.

Unfortunately, this story did not end there…this beautiful and amazing woman ended up passing away two days before her move was to take place.  Her husband sat at home sad and uncertain about what to do next.  We encouraged him to keep moving forward because this move was now more important than ever.  His health was not at it’s best and with no family or friends he was going to end up alone and lonely in a home that no longer fit his needs.

I am happy to say that not only did this gentleman move and sell his home but every time we see him he thanks us for being there for him and supporting him when he needed it the most!



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