Is It Really Important Who You Choose As Your Realtor?

Is It Really Important Who You Choose As Your Realtor?

I had an experience this evening that reinforced how important it is to choose a Realtor with a wealth of knowledge and experience in today's market.

Do NOT choose your agent simply because they are a good friend or because you want to help someone. You stand to lose A LOT of money with someone inexperienced at the this juncture in the journey EVERY penny counts!

Working in today's Bay Area real estate market requires real prowess as a strong negotiator and advocate for your clients. Realtors and buyers are pulling out all the stops and doing everything they can to get their offers accepted. A strong and experienced Realtor can easily get a less experienced Realtor to give up information they shouldn't, settle for a lower offer by dressing it up, or even bully an agent and their client into taking something that isn't in their best interest.

When choosing your agent find someone with a successful track record. Ask about not just their years of experience but where that experience has led them. Are they doing more business now than in years past or less? Do they get referrals from past clients and can you choose which of those past clients you will call? Do they have a system for getting you the best price for your house and if so what is that system? These are just a few of the really important questions you need to be asking...

Remember, you have worked hard, you have paid your dues over your lifetime and it is now YOUR turn to reap the rewards of all your hard work and dedication. This part of your life is about allowing your assets to work for you rather than the other way around and the Realtor you choose makes a difference!

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