A Win for Our Team and Our Clients

A Win for Our Team and Our Clients

Tonight I had the opportunity to make one of the most rewarding phone calls! We just sold Dick and Connie's home in Los Gatos for significantly over asking price and managed to pull out a miracle by getting them a FREE 90 day rent back after the close of escrow. It was an important win for this couple because once escrow closed on their house we had to quickly find them another house...a feat that is rough in such a strong sellers market.

Our plan was to close escrow on their home and then begin the search for the perfect property. We were doing this so that we could give them the best possible chance of winning their dream home when the time came...we could offer all cash, go in with little to no contingencies, and offer the right price that would entice a seller to choose them.

As luck would have it, that perfect property showed up yesterday...approximately three weeks before we were ready. When we arrived at the home to take a peek around both Connie and Dick fell in love. Everything inside was brand new, the size and location were exactly right, and Connie fell in love with the sunroom right off the master bedroom...she could already see herself enjoying her morning coffee in total peace and serenity. Even though we weren't prepared we all knew we had to at least try to put together a winning offer.

As a Realtor, I could not have asked for better clients and family. Dick and Connie were willing to step up and do what needed to be done, their children gathered around and gave not just their support but their guidance, and with everyone's help we achieved the impossible!

We wrote an all cash offer, made a substantial good faith deposit, and won the home of their dreams even though our offer was contingent on the sale of their home and included a 10 day property contingency. As a team we all came together and did our part, because of that a miracle happened!

When I called Dick and Connie tonight I had the pure pleasure of first telling Connie the good news and then hearing her put down the phone and go run to tell her husband. They are an amazing couple that I have truly fallen in love with...I think there is a very slight chance that I may have wanted this home more than they did. It was so important to me that I do everything in my power to make this happen and against all odds it did!!!!

I thank the entire family for choosing our team to walk alongside you, for trusting us every step of the way, and for giving our family the opportunity to be a part of your family. Tonight I am in awe of what I've seen happen and I am feeling so incredibly blessed for having been a part of it all!

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